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Joann J. Tabernacle, NJ

I was busy preparing for a family dinner when I smacked my leg into the corner of the dishwasher door. I must have hit a vein since it immediately blew up like a softball. I had no choice but to sit down and elevate my leg. I thought a trip to the emergency room was going to ruin the festivities. I then remembered the jar of Dr. Gail’s Magionic Gel. I alternated between ice and elevation along with the Gel for the next hour and was back on my feet again for dessert. For the next few days I used the Gel only and the swelling, pain and bruising quickly and almost immediately went away. The next best part of the story is that I got out of kitchen duty.

Annette P. Philadelphia, Pa.

In my teens I had regular bouts of acne and inflamed skin. In my twenties my skin was perfect. All of a sudden the 30’s hit and back again I went with acne problems. They were painful, red, bumpy and not to mention ugly, acne. Then I met Dr. Gail and tried her Magionic Gel. THIS GEL has changed my life. I now can wear summer dresses, go without makeup (because my skin is so fabulous) and wear a smile of confidence everywhere I go. I use it everyday for preventative and occasional “bumps” that can still occur (dietary/hormonal). I strongly recommend this product to everyone and anyone who has skin “issues”. There is nothing better I could recommend.

Kay B. Marlton, NJ

I cannot say enough about the benefits of the silver gel (w/lavender) I’ve been using. After being in the sun for several hours with protection, I still had burns on my nose. The gel quickly decreased the discomfort and my nose did not peel. I use it twice a day on my knees and elbows – areas that show signs of aging, and they are smoother than a baby’s bottom! I use it daily on old surgery scars and my feet – the scar have become almost invisible and my feet do not suffer from cracked skin and calluses that plague so many women – saves me money on the pedicures too!!! I’ve shared this gel secret with friends  - can’t keep such a great product to myself!!!